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Elizabeth Shewan

Elizabeth Shewan

Artist, designer & founder
I have always sought to spend much of my time outside in nature where I was called to find peace and tranquillity, away from the cacophony of life within four walls. My fascination with being with and watching animals and plants has not waned to this day. If not found outside roaming through forests, along sandy beaches soaking up the suns rays, gazing into rock pools in fascination, wandering through trails aloft horses, or in the company of doggies; my (other) favourite place as a child was in the art room - and not much has changed since! It's just something I do - travel between the deeply mysterious and the wildlife connection. I create works exploring being, not doing. Peace, kindness, indulgence in the most important things. Being lost in the moment. Being able to let go. Always exalting deep contemplation and connection with the divine within my work. And divinity is in all things, so there is no limit to where this can go.
A passion for making things, and learning about the 'spirit' of things, I have endeavoured through many a challenge to live my life doing what I love the most, knowing that this love shines through in turn, into your lives, making a difference.
My journey ...

My journey ...

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years, and during that time I have explored MANY different mediums and styles - you can always tell it’s my work, no matter what I create I have been told – be it drawing, painting, sculpture or jewellery. Art has helped me get through this journey of life - the art studio is where much of my healing has taken place. Much of my work is constantly growing and inspired by my experiences with various healing modalities (learn more about this below) and from when I connect to the wilds of nature.
I am an active member of the Visionary Arts Community, regularly facilitating educational workshops for regional artists. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but have lived in the West Country for over 20 years, based in Dorset now. I have held exhibitions nationally and been featured regularly in Glastonbury, Bridport, Hampshire, London, Manchester, Buckinghamshire and Lyme Regis (to name a few) both through self promotion and by galleries representation. My work is loved by art lovers, animal lovers, spiritually minded, collectors and those looking to take their first steps into the world of fine art; and is featured in collections in the UK, Brazil, France, USA, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Ireland and China. If you would like to meet me in person to look at my art then we can arrange a time with me to meet at one of my exhibitions. My studio is not open to the public right now, and is tucked away, where I am either creating or giving online healing sessions. For quite some time now, a little longer than I would have liked, I am also designing a tarot deck called ‘The Hare Tarot Deck’ which I will then launch using Kickstarter. If love tarot and you love hares then you'll love these!
Nature Connection
Connect to nature, and to how to heal yourself, helping you to remain in tune with the natural things in life, as well as your instincts and intuition that are YOURS and nobody else's.
Especially for You
Take a look around and pay attention to which pieces you are drawn. Each piece finds it's home - the universe calling.
Feel Good
Whatever you have on you, your walls in your home or office infuses into your core being every day and effects how you feel. The beauty within each piece helps uplift your spirit,...
Wearable Art
Be different and wear unique stunning handmade jewellery designs, by Elizabeth. If you are looking for something different, with an organic tactile feel then you are in the right...
Paintings Speak to You
You will find art here that holdsa purity of silence and spaciousness; and with their simplicity they allow you to bring our own story to the creation.
Channel the Real You
Commission a piece; for you, of a loved one, using your ideas, what you want to say, and let Elizabeth's creativity convey your message, memories, forevers.
Energy Healing

Energy Healing

I help my clients understand how energy works in our lives, and how to manage energy so that it helps you to move out of pain, shame and anxiety. Once you understand how it works you can get better at navigating relationships and making balanced conscious decisions that can help steer you wherever you want to go in life in a calm, balanced and content way. I help you with energy clearing in times of difficulty during a session or when you feel you need it at other times - the added assistance of another’s energy to help shift something hefty is sometimes needed. But I don’t do all the work for you, I encourage personal responsibility all the way otherwise you are wasting both your time and mine! In short: It’s all about you feeling OK in your own skin no matter what.
The Heart, Being the Centre of Human Power, has an Intelligence and   Intuition that Helps us to Connect to the Great Spirit of All Things.   Igniting that Connection Within You

The Heart, Being the Centre of Human Power, has an Intelligence and Intuition that Helps us to Connect to the Great Spirit of All Things. Igniting that Connection Within You

Listen to What Clients are Saying

Listen to What Clients are Saying - #1
Kate Mazzieri, UK.
"Thank you so much for your hard work, patience and determination! It's brilliant what you do. It's lovely, she looks very cute and I know my partner will love it. I look at her and it makes me smile Liz. That's her 😊 I'm keeping it for his birthday this will be perfect 🙂. It's brilliant Liz, thank you again. And thank you for packaging it so well too. X"
Listen to What Clients are Saying - #2
Derek Bunce, Retired. Collector
I love Liz’s individual style, with a spiritual energy that connects with something within me. I sense that something else is working through Liz to communicate an essence of universal consciousness. Her work really stretches the imagination and I feel this with both her paintings and sculptures. Her composition captures your attention... Read More
Listen to What Clients are Saying - #3
AV, Bucks. Country lady, collector
The unveiling of the bedroom picture was exciting, breathtaking, & so stunning. Everything & more. The recipients of both dog pictures will be thrilled to bits, they are so lovely I secretly don’t want to part with them !! The bumble on the blue poppy was for myself as I love poppies & bees & all things which make us admire Mother Nature in all her beauty. Words aren’t enough, absolutely stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much.
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